Natural antidote to distress from asthma?

I've been through adjectives of the steroid sprays etc. which cause more problems consequently they solve. I have suffered so much from remedies that I no longer trust middle-of-the-road doctors. Yet, every night I suffer this ghastly pain that wake me up. I can do a little put money on bend to alleviate it. Drinking water help. If it gets too impossible I do take a Tylenol. I use my neti pot every dark, but it just doesn't make this deep tight spasm that occurs contained by my chest every night. I go to a cardiologist, but he had no clue, even after some dreadful radioactive try-out. He just tried to market me "super bowl" statins. He did say that my blood oxygen be low because of the asthma. Has anyone experienced this and found a remedy, that does not involve dangerous pharmaceutacals?

Answers:    You probably have need of an atomizer, a nebulizer or, oxygen. I've had asthma adjectives my life, my daughter and, two splendid daughters. We have no trouble using these things properly. I would find another allergist and take another opinion.
I also enjoy emphysema and, get along fine when I hold a problem.
Dont let asthma knock the coil out of you. Asthma is a lung disorder characterised by sudden fits of wheezing, coughing, or shortness of breath. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may be helpful:

Keith Woolley

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