A HUMAN BITE: Serious interview for DOCTORS ONLY please?

I bit my boyfriend on the forehead and broke the skin.

I'm very worried, bec I know human bites are drastically dangerous. After the bite, he took a shower and wash it with soap and hose.

A few hours later I cleansed it beside povidone, then again a few hours next.

I know he should go on antibiotics, but he won't walk the dr, and he thinks antibiotics are unnecessary! What should I do?? I'm so worried roughly a serious infection... Thank you,

Answers:    Signs of infection (note that infection can occur even surrounded by properly treated bites)

Increasing pain and pain: Although all bites hurt initially, the aching usually gets steadily better. If a bite begin to hurt more, this can be the first sign of infection. Increased pain from an infection is usually matched by increased discomfort when the area of the bite is touched. Typically, this begin 1-2 days after the bite but can occur even subsequently with deeper infections.

Increased or tentative redness: Some color change can be expected at the beginning, conspicuously bruising and some redness, but this usually does not go and get much worse after the first few hours. An increase in glow is a warning sign of infection.

Increased swelling: Some swelling is expected initially, but this usually peak in the first year. If the bite swells up more after the first day, it may be a sign of infection.

Fever: A unmarked fever contained by someone with a bite should be end in for worry. However, waiting for a restlessness to convince yourself there is an infection is also wrong. Most race with human bite infections do not carry a fever until delayed. If the area around the bite itself feel very thaw, even if there is no actual rise surrounded by the whole body heat, this could mean an infection, also.

Pus drainage: Pus is pallid and will generally be a unpunctually sign of infection. This drainage needs to be distinguished from clear oozing that can come about during the first few hours if the skin is scraped by teeth. This clear oozing is not a sign of infection.

Red streaks: When you can see thin red streaks running toward the center of the body from a wound, infection is usually present. This condition is sometimes call blood poisoning (the medical term is lymphangitis), even though this have nothing to do beside the bloodstream. What is happening is an inflammation of the lymph vessel, part of the body's defense system against infection that includes the lymph glands or nodes.

Swollen glands: These may come to pass in areas in the neighbourhood the bite as the lymph glands react to protect the body. For example, if a appendage is infected, you may feel sore, swollen glands on the inside of the elbow or armpit of equal arm as the bite.

Please go the doctor if any symptoms appear. Human bites can be safe but if an infection starts than a course of antibiotics and/or a tentanus shot could be recommended.

Good Luck
The wound is washed and you applied a disinfectant--iodine. That is adjectives he needs to do. Just examine for signs or symptoms of infection, like flush, swelling, increase in twinge, or purulent drainage. Seriously, he will be okay. He does not need antibiotics at this point.

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