10 year dated tibia break, hurting?

My right tibia was broken over 10 years ago. I have severe infections, but all be fine once i had the rod placed. around a year after I broke some calcium loose and that was verypainful. I be on crutches for about a month to alleviate that. Now I am pregnant and my tibia has be hurting at the break site. It feels resembling my leg is breaking. It is usually when I walk, but not adjectives the time. I was lay down the other day and leaned on it and "oh my god". Very strange. waiting to see ortho.

Answers:    Being pregnant you're calculation extra weight to an already stressed nouns. Seeing as you have have so many problems next to it, there's a good hit and miss that you have some arthritis contained by there, also remember, when a woman is pregnant blood flow is increased to adjectives areas of the body and this can cause twinge to a weakened nouns as well. That aside, it might a moment ago be a case of shin splint, but your ortho will sort that out for you :)

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