Okkay more or less 3 weeks ago i accidentally stabed my self beside an ink pen. How do i know if i own ink poisoning?

Okkay I walked into a wall and a bubble point ink pen went threw my purse and stabbed me within the leg about 3 weeks ago. I still enjoy probably about 3 milameters of a puncture wound wich is what i started out beside. I had brusing adjectives arond it for 1 week. The brusing is gone but now i enjoy a small pinkish red circle around it. The small scab is black and has be there for 2 and a partially weeks. Could this bee some kind of ink poisoning?

Answers:    Almost every type of ink is nontoxic for this particularly purpose. As people use pen, they chew on them. I don't believe you have anything to verbs about, but you may want to find it checked out, as anything foreign to the body may cause an adverse sensitivity.

Hope I could be of some assistance!
if you are typing to us from Heaven or Hell, that is your best indicator of a poisoning.

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