7 yr old-fashioned next to chest strain?

my daughter has be having chest twinge on and off for the finishing 3 days.she says it similar to burning and is on her right side of chest.she acts fine still jumoing and running and acting fine.what could this be?i dont know if shes lyin or what.shes is a on form kid and is upto date on phyisical and shots.

Answers:    My youngest son, now 13yr. have complained of the same entity before. He have had this problem past its sell-by date and on over the last 2-3 years. He have been to a couple of different Dr.s and they enjoy all said like thing.
Indigestion. The final Dr. that we took him to was a gastro Dr.
He put him on Prilosec for a few weeks and he at a snail`s pace got better. I'm not convinced that the med. help him though.

I think that his key problem was nerves cause the indigestion.

Please DO take her to a Dr. simply to be on the safe side though! They will more than imagined tell you like thing, but I undeniably wouldnt take my likelihood!
Also, dont give her Prilosec in need the Dr. first telling you to.
It say on the box not to give it to children.
Good luck, It be not anything serious for my son.
And more than potential it is nothing serious for your daughter.

But please play it out of danger and take her to see a physician.
it must be her stomach , I have same problem and went to the doctor and he said it is your stomach .

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