17-year-old near a degenerative disc??

I am a 17 year-old. I was told by my doctor that I enjoy a degenerative disc (L4-L5), another wearing disc, and a transitive vertebrea.
What is a transitive vertebrea?
What is the process of a degenerative disc, and what will happen eventually?
My doctor told me that he would not consider any treatment, but enjoy me take Advil. I hold already been taking Advil, it does not work. Also, I asked if he have anything he could give me for backache, all he said he would dispense me is Advil.
Do you think I ought to try and see another doctor??
Is it ordinary to have this at my age?
Can a degenerative disc/ worn disc be restored??


Answers:    Your doctor sucks ***!!!I am 25 beside degenerative disk disease..I have it contained by my lower back as in good health L4-L5 L5-S1..it hurts like a *****..I would voice yea see another doctor even a pain specialist they will grant you something a little bit stronger or in actual fact a lot stronger...I thieve oxycontin 20mg twice a day and up to 8 percocet a time...sometimes that isn't even enough...i know what your going through and the with the sole purpose think i can narrate you is good luck and don't help yourself to too much advil...Degenerative disk disease is a little different for everybody necessarily it's a fancy way for aphorism that you have a sickness within your vertebre and they aren't healing close to they should...most of the time with this spot on disease surgery isn't an option because even if they fuse the portion of your back it doesn't stop the disease from moving up your spine...The singular logical answer for why your doctor told you to take advil is because you are childlike and hopefully your body might heal itself...
Ekkk I'm sorry to hear this. I own problems in L4L5 as economically and I'm only 21. Your doctor is without a doubt not listening to you and you should be seeing an orthopedist as very well as pain regulation. PM will probably do epidurals that will help immensely, as economically as prescribe you something stronger. This is not normal at your age and it seem that your doctor doesn't know how to treat your disease. Recently there own been plentiful advances contained by the treatment of this disease and seeing a qualified orthopedist, neurosurgeon and/or pain guidance doctor could make a world of difference for you. I'm really sorry to hear roughly all of this and I hope you find a doctor who will truly listen! Good Luck

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