How long will it take my throat to heal from strep throat?

I am 30 and got strep throat for the first time last wed. it came out of no where. I had a fever of 102.3 on wed night and a fever all day thursday. by friday my fever was gone, but my throat was still killing me, so I went to the dr. she gave me amox-clav on friday... it is now Monday and it still hurts to swallow and the white bumps in my throat don't seem any better. and I am tired and have no energy. how long before my throat feels better? the white bumps are HUGE. my doc said to take shots of apple cider vinegar, but that isn't helping. it hurts to talk, to drink, to eat, to swallow. yuck! My throat seems like it hasn't changed at all since Friday.

Hey amazing I just got strep throat on friday too. Um it does take a while strep throat carries on for about 2 to 3 weeks even though you are on meds. So it can always come back. Your throat will stop hurting you soon though if it dosent go back to the doc.

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