A bubble on my wrist!?

everytime i push on the lower left corner of my palm on my right foot a small bubble appears on my wrist, anyone know whats wrong?

Answers:    In horses this would be called 'thoroughpin;' I'm not sure what it's call in humans. Essentially, near is a weak spot contained by the joint medication if your wrist; when you put pressure on it (indirectly) from one direction, the joint fluid cause the weak spot to poke out. It could be a non-hazardous anomaly, or the prelude to future problem; see an orthopedic doctor for more evaluation.
Wow thats not obedient. does it hurt? i cant see it nor am i a doctor but if it hurts u should definitely achieve it checked out. are u sure its not ur wrist bone? these might seem similar to dumb questions but i cant see it if its not bothering u next u shouldnt worry.

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