Flat Foot: WTF is it?

I was playing soccer, and my heel started hurting doomed to failure, its always hurting when i run. Then someone said i hold a flat foot.
What the hell is a flat foot, and what can i do to help it?
I obligation to know before 4-28-07
yes i.e. the day of my soccer hobby :P

Flat feet are certain as pronated feet which method you have smaller amount medial (inside) arch support than average people. As the other individual noted, go to a pious athletic shoe store and tell them you obligation shoe inserts to support the inside arch of your feet and put them surrounded by whatever shoe you will be running surrounded by. Having pronated feet can place stress on the tissues connecting to your heel cause inflammation. I would recommend stretching your calf muscle before running, embezzle an over the counter anti-inflammatory (Aleve, Advil, etc) an hour before your winter sport and ice as soon after you play.
Don't be alarmed.
"Flat foot" lately means that here is little to no arch in your foot.
They product special shoes that help next to flat footed runners.
If you go to a shoe store and speech to an employee more or less it, they should know what you need.

Good Luck

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