Is it possible to receive caffeine poisoning?

I seem to be shaking and sweating really impossible. I drink a lot of Japanese green tea.

slow down on the caffeine, it is possible to own a heart attack.
possible. Too much of anything can kill you, too pure of oxygen can shoot, too much water will annihilate....
anything and everything can be poisonous in excessive amounts, even wet and oxygen so yeah caffiene can poison you, lay off it and see if the sweats walk away, just drink a soda to win your fix
I don't know if I'd define that as poisoning - but it sounds approaching side effects of high caffeine intake to me.

Actually - it sounds alot similar to caffeine withdrawls to me.

Unless what you are desribing is the "jitters" as in can't hold your paw still - like you're shivering type shaking.

But if you're discussion about shaking / scraggy / sweating / have a headache / knotty time focusing your eyes, then you are have a caffeine withdrawl.

I'd suggest switching to the decaf for awhile - maybe only the regular stuff for 1-2 cups in the morning as a wake-me-up. The rest of the hours of daylight, go decaf - that should support.

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