Is it impossible to crack you joint? (knuckles, ankels, final, ect.?)?

i constantly crack my ankles and i need to know if it is fruitless. My friends crack their knuckles and they say oh crap! i wasn't supposed to do that! but my other friend cracks her wager on and says her mom tell her its good to crack her stern. Is cracking your joints okay or not??

When you crack your joint, you're just letting nouns pockets that formed inside of them out - cracking your knuckles doesn't do any harm, it may even be beneficial next to the added flexibility afterwards.

What you want to be careful of is cracking sensitive areas too regularly. Example: cracking your neck every once contained by a while is ok, cracking it often is not - too heaps sensitive parts in in that.
I heard it's a polite thing. I see zilch wrong with it. I crack my fingers adjectives the time

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