9-1/2 weeks surrounded by pattern, what happen when it comes bad?

I've had a ligament renovation, have be told to have the form on for 9 weeks.( 3 week non-weight bearing, 3 weeks little shipment bearing, and the final 3 weeks full immensity bearing)

Now i'm due to have the imprint off on the 15th, what will i'll be expecting while i'm in attendance. Will i'll be having some small physio striaght away and will i enjoy to use my crutches still just untill i start walking properly or will i'll be put within some kind of shoe, splint or boot?

Answers:    in good health firstly the cast is on your leg? you will enjoy extra excess hair.. resembling a gorilla.. if your legs were fuzzy before next you will be in for a shock when it comes past its sell-by date

but don't shave or trI'm it because it will go down to the conventional length... not sure how it does it, but it does

im not sure about the physio part of a set you will need to speak next to your doc about that
Your appendage will be immensely skinny and will stink of rotting flesh. Don't worry though, it'll be wager on to itself in a month or two.

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