9-1/2 weeks within classify, what happen when it comes past its sell-by date??

I've had a ligament restoration, have be told to have the classify on for 9 weeks.( 3 week non-weight bearing, 3 weeks little substance bearing, and the final 3 weeks full immensity bearing)

Now i'm due to have the shape off on the 15th, what will i'll be expecting while i'm in that. Will i'll be having some small physio striaght away and will i enjoy to use my crutches still just untill i start walking properly or will i'll be put contained by some kind of shoe, splint or boot?

Answers:    I have a broken ankle. The biggest shock was how filmy my leg was, followed by the amount of skin that fell rotten in the tub!
No I doubt they will give you a shoe, splint or boot, tolerate alone crutches. That is it! The PT will get you mobile and after the rest is up to you! Good Luck
Not all of the above, but also that your leg will stink as hell.

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