Medical quiz just about soft tissue wreckage?

Hi i somehow hurt my hand a few weeks ago so every time i move contained by a certain instrument or use a knife it feel like its ripping or burning within between my nuckle of my first and middle finger. The doctor said they cant do anything cause im pregnant, witch is ok but the final few days the sore part have gone this normal?

No not majority.A burning sensation and numbness are symptoms of a "pinched" nerve somewhere(probobly surrounded by your hand). If it gets worse you must mention it to your doc. Even though he/she can't really do anything on the other hand at least I don`t know there will be some plan of what to do after your pregnancy. Steroids are used to treat this(back,neck) so I can see why you can't hold those. Hang in nearby, hope you get better.

hours of darkness shift x-ray tech
sounds like you own nerve wounded too. call your doctor.
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Take Care and God Bless You !

And please under any circumstances do not hold any steroids or drastic medicines.

Take comfort.

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