*Medicaid/Health Care Question!*?

Im 18, almost 19 and im independent and taking care of myself. Im moving out into an apartment, i walk to college full-time, and i work 2 jobs. I reward my own everything. I really need condition care and i be wondering if i would qualify for Medicaid or something? I dont have plenty money to pay for a plan. Would I qualify since my income is so low and im a student and adjectives? Oh and im single, unmarried. No children. ?

Answers:    Your version of low income and the government's may be two different things. This is where on earth you can start to check:
Remember you should check with your state.
Besides that, some states hold stuff for low income who make too much for Medicaid.

As a student, you SHOULD hold student health insurance available. Your student governing body office should hold that info available for you--and no, it doesn't mean you enjoy to use the school's facilities (if they own any).

If you can't get anything any of those ways, try looking at
and I'd suggest you look at HSAs to liberate some money for yourself.

There SHOULD be some kind of passable care available for you for small matter (upper respiratory infections, sprains, etc.). Try Wal-Mart, CVS, other drug stores, and even grocery stores in your nouns for walk-in clinics, some of which also take insurance should you take a policy.

There may be clinics, such as from a med school or nursing program as all right.

Many grocery stores will have a legitimate lab come in once a month for a widespread variety of blood work for a particularly good price.

Many doctors will also see you for a dutiful price reduction if you clear in change at the time of service (about 30% off would be a suitable guess).

You might also want to look at the cost of a short-term (can be a year) health policy near State Farm or wherever you bring your car insurance.

Lots of potential option, so definitely look and achieve the needed coverage and care.

Good luck.
With low income you would qualify.

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