6 months ago feel pop within lower rear legs in a minute own shooting anguish contained by both legs could it be a herniated disc?

lifted box feel a pop in lower posterior, my legs felt de tached and brawny very difficult to hike pain be incredable went to hospital 2 days after that said it was a pulled muscle, but for 6 months own had shooting pains down both legs

Answers:    Before letting anyone start pushing and pulling on your body, return to your doctor for a MRI scan. (preferably near contrast dye)
If there is any despoil done to the spine/disc, it will show.
What you are describing could be a number of things including a bulged disc, fractured disc, herniated or pinched nerves; and some of these require braces, surgery or physical psychiatric therapy.
Don't mess with the spine.
It sounds resembling your Sciatic nerve. If you hold lower back distress and pain and burden even tingling in the legs, I would see a Chiropractor. Best of luck.

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