8 mth pregnant & pulled a muscle.?

has anyone ever have this problem, i coughed & heard for a moment click in my not here side of my back, instantly i required to cry with the niggle, i rang the dr & they told me to put frozen peas where on earth the pain is, thieve paracetamol, & have a hot tub the following day. Up to very soon its done nothing i'm surrounded by agony trying to sit down or get up, anyone get any ideas what i can do to reduce the pain.

Answers:    Yes! I did impossible to tell apart thing at 8 months preggers getting out of my sports car. Go to the osteopath straight away, helps no finale.
i did the same item when i was 7 months unfortunetley theres note really strong you can take for it and paracetmol don't really do a undamaged lot, i just showered alot when it get really sore and try not to bend or lift anything or it will worsen, i know its properly fruitless now but it will confidence up in a few days.

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