A year after stretching my legs hurt really bleak... almost close to a cramp?

I've begun to stretch my legs because I'd approaching to be able to do a split again (I'm far from a split now)... I've be stretching about 1 hour until that time I go to bed and I've slept fine and no cramping...

But after the 2nd light of day of doing stretches, my legs (mostly my calf and behind my knees) hold been hurting TRUE badly. Like I can't sit still and it feel almost like a cramp but, not nearly as desperate as a cramp...

Is it just my muscles growing and repairing themselves or did I stretch too much or too brisk??

Should I rest my legs to make the niggle go away... or could I verbs stretching?

Answers:    The muscles are just tear and lengthening. To aide the healing you could devour more protein. Increase blood flow by massaging, taking a hip bath, sitting in a sauna, etc... Drink lots of river. You should be able to verbs stretching to about indistinguishable as you did before (to avoid stiffening), newly don't push it until the pain subsides.
if u rest them it will trade name it worse so do everything u normally do

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