7 months beside migraine each day, what medication could relieve?

Hi, I'm 15 and I've had migraines every hours of daylight for 7 months. No, I am not exagerating. I've been diagnosed near them since I was little, and still no tablets really helps. I do not hold a tumor, it has be checked quite just this minute.
My headaches can go and get to the point where I am crying and angry at everyone. Morphine have worked for a short period of time conceivably an hour.
It doesn't take much to set a headache rotten, I could be in lunch, wake up, trying to sleep, arguing with someone, or even of late trying to listen to my favorite songs.
It's gone to the point where I can't hang down out with friends that same and music have become dead to me within a way.

I enjoy a neuro [cleveland] and he has given me maxalt (melts), maxalt (tablet), pronanolol (daily tablet)

I've be given many pills. But its knotty to get pills that can aid me cause doctors in this day and age think adjectives teens just wanna catch f**ked up on pills.

Help would be nice,
Thank you!

Answers:    CranioSacral Therapy works for migraines, even long-standing, idiopathic (means cause unknown) migraines. I've have many clients rather taking their meds because they no longer need them.

See a Chiropractor. They can help out.

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