9 year frail boy's pitching shoulder hurts?

It's my little brother. He throws hard and regularly (he is really good). Yesterday he told me that during baseball season, his shoulder hurts. He pointed to the back of his throwing shoulder when i asked where on earth. Apparently it does not hurt in the off-season.

Should we be worried roughly speaking permanent injury?

Answers:    Yes, manifestly. I have worked contained by a sports medicine clinic, and we are seeing more and more injuries self done to young athletes because they are below so much athletic pressure. While it is hypothetically possible that he may just be sore from the exercise, he should STILL plainly be seen by cohesive specialist of some sort so that you can get a better opinion of how well his shoulder is doing.

With a kid that age, you can never be too alert.
ummm idk? how important is your baseball season?? i'd advise you to see a doctor!

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