24 Hour Stomach Flu?

Felt fine yesterday, and i only ate things large in fiber. Then i woke up beside stomach pains cramps, and getting personal with porcelin. How can i be sure its Gasto, and not something more sever. And how can i in the blink of an eye start feeling wager on to normal? Im using Peptobismuth for presently, hoping to get some equates and gatorade.

Answers:    Rest.
Eat something LIGHT.

If it's a 24 hour virus, which is intensely common this time of year, consequently you should start to feel better contained by a few days. Even though the main symptoms final 24 hours, it can take 3-5 days for your body to catch over everything.

Do you have a frenzy? Low grade fever are ok, but if it gets close to 104 lug some tylenol and see a doctor, other than that, if it really bothers you, lug the tylenol. Fever is good for your body though because it's how it fight off infections. Continue next to the Popto unless your stool turns black, then you should discontinue use. Don't appropriate more than directed though. Liquid is better, it helps more beside gas pains.


No fever. That's apposite. Just make sure you stay hydrated and wipe your hands, alot. You really wouldn't want to spread it.
My son and I a short time ago went through matching thing. One minute we be fine and the next we have the stomach flu. The worst of it (vomiting) lasted solitary the first day. The diarrhea last 2 days. We used Mallox. Neither one of us had a restlessness. We also followed the BRAT diet which is a gastrointestinal diet.

B - bananas
R - rice
A - applesauce
T - toast

Just rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat delicately and it will pass soon.

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