20 % Disability?

OK about 16 yrs ago I hurt my subsidise at work I was on Workman's comp for 6 mos they" My Employer" made me walk to this place to rate my back injury and give me 20% dis. I can't remember the name of the place and I have need of to contact them What can I do??

Answers:    It was probably a place that does what is call a functional capacity evaluation. Look within your local yellow page under "physical therapy"...more specifically for places that state they tender the FCE or "work hardening" programs. You will most likely find the place you have...provided they are still in business. If not, I would contact the workmans's compensation insurance company...they would most promising have this information.
turn online and look for back ppl within your area..contact ur work..think long and intricate..mayb u have their card somewhere..do u remember the doc.'s first name?

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