14 years antediluvian, rear strain?

Hi! Im 14 years old and I own been have a lot of vertebrae pain mostly contained by my lower back and next shooting up my spine, so I went to my doctor and have x-rays taken and when they came wager on I had slight scoliosis. I enjoy to go to physical psychoanalysis and my therapist is recounting me that another thing to be exact hurting my back is that I enjoy rounded shoulder blades. When I do some exercises like lay on my stomache and putting my arms straight forward and lifting them, I can barely erect them at all. She tell me that I am very colourless. so...my question is do you assume this is that big of a deal approaching doing the exercises or just do you meditate it is sort of serious??

Answers:    Localized back backache is rarely serious unless accompany by other unusual symptoms.

In someone your age, posture is the most common plea for back dull pain. It will typically only hurt while assuming the poor posture and relatively spasm free with hustle and bustle. Sitting and standing tend to be the most painful things.

In these cases, simply correcting the posture should do...it is an exercise in of itself. However, I see nought wrong with the extra exercises your PT have given you.

Mild scoliosis in of itself should not be rough. Posture correction remains your number one defense.

Good luck
the excersise really will help and you will know how to do them much easier as time goes on you are lately building the muscles up now. You deffiantly should do them
my mom get lower back discomfort and when she does the excersies more often she get the pain smaller amount
trust me do them and they will get easier
Just do what your PT say. You are young and you don't want any problem to become chronic for time

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