I wanna throw a sicky tomorrow, what excuse can i enunciate?

i have said reciently dihorhea ect. i inevitability a goodun as i VERY rarly do this PLEASE HELP!! XXXX

earache hurts so bad/
food poisoning - say you go out for a chinese or indian and youve got impossible stomach ache??
If you are a woman, which your avatar suggests you are, next a very apposite excuse, although not original is purely say you are experiencing really impossible period pains!! The positive aspect of this excuse is that if you are only looking for in recent times the one day rotten then it is extremely believable!! Period pains merely last a light of day at most for most people!!
Gees, next to spelling like that, where on earth do you work? Ya want fries with that?

Try this: I can't come into work today because I'm have trouble with my eyes. I can't see myself getting out of bed.
simply be vague, vote family problems later if they ask say u'd a bit not discuss it.
at the mo' im feeling discouraging.my head hurts and i discern dim witted..good luck..
Migrain can be apt for three days!
Hmmm I've used about every excuse contained by the book. I've missed over 80 days of school this year! Whoopsies! Ok here are a few that I've used:
food poisoning(chinese poo poo platter)
contacts dried up, no eyeglasses
sprained ankle (horse back riding)
amnesia (fell down stairs)
dog run away (emotional wreck)
genital herpes (they didn't ask about this one!)
menstrual cramps
strep throat
lyme disease
tentanus (rusty nail)
"it burns when I pee"

That's adjectives I can rap off the top of my commander. I'm not sure if you're trying to stay home from work or school, so I don't know if you entail to fool your parents. The working situation would give you greatly more room to use your imagination. You could say you go to the doc and everything. Good luck Sneaky Pants! :)
how about this excuse lol ive used it loads of times, u enjoy been awake most of the darkness coz ur neighbours were playing really loud music and combat til around 4:30 this morning and the guy has finished up getting charged with breach of the peace and assaulting a police officer lol
I've caught worms from my dog. You'll take the week off
merely say you puked
extent problems is a good one. not a soul will ask too much about that. or say aloud that your back hurts really fruitless and you can't get out of bed (or that your anguish medicine make you sleepy)...strep throat -nobody wants to ambush that. have a right day :)
capably, i've been sour work now for 3 days surrounded by a row due to a heavy cold that have upset my asthma so i'm really not feeling capably...

BUT you can always read out that you're having a completely heavy length! No one wants to know around that!
call your companyand speak "Hello, Im not in today, Im sick !"

they own no right to know what is wrong with you unless you dance over the 7 days, or it is contagious...
tendonitis of the fingers
pms and cramps always work for me.
I be a manager at a company and found the best agency to bunk a day be period(you wontbe asked) or family problems as on any a boss will not want to get into the conversation!
Food poisoning from your chinese takeaway lastnight !!!!!

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