10 afternoon hurriedly - two days within.?

i'm currently on the second day of a ten time water hurried. there haven't be many problems, some giddy hunger pains and nausea but nothing i can't shame. i was only wondering if anyone has complete a similar speedy and which day/days they found the hardest. i'm hoping that after the third day, the rest will be easier but i'm rather scared that it will of late keep getting harder. any warning and information would be great!

and not to be rude, but if you haven't researched fasting and don't figure out the health benefits, afterwards please keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

Answers:    im a christian but own never fasted. i hear someone say not to do a 10 year fast out of the blue but that you have to work up to it with close to a 2 days fast. afterwards take a week. next a 4 days fast... etc. resourcefully gl and dont hurt yourself their are benefits and risks to it from what i gather.

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