A cut on the bottom of the foot... how do I fashion it stop bleeding?

I stepped a shard of glass, and it go inside my foot like a splinter. The wound's extremely shallow, but it won't stop bleeding! I've be applying pressure to it for the longest time, but the cut's really close to my toes, and I can't find a way to cold compress it properly - it's starting to get really annoying holding a cotton globe to my fault. What can I do to sort it stop bleeding faster?

Answers:    Not many culture have them anymore but if you hold a styptic pencil, dab it at the cut it may be adequate to help it coagulate. They label special bandaids that are kind of hour chalice shaped that are designed to fit between your toes or fingers (they also make ones that are the contrasting for knuckles.) There's a decent break that you have cut into something a bit more vital than first aid will cover, so if it doesn't want to stop, I would take it into the doc pretty soon.
okay holding a cotton ball up to your foot
isn't the funnest point in the world.
****if the chalice is out of your foot for sure****,
then try Neospourn.
it works in a hurry and it doesn't burn
or anything when you put it on.
but before you turn and do that,
make sure the cut is verbs and
the last article you want is an infected cut.
that would mean a trip to the doctors and
adjectives that stuff.
A cotton ball might not be the best instrument to apply pressure, since they're so puffy and all...

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