2 hours of sleep, not tired, how should I verbs?

I just woke up from a 2 hour sleep and I consistency fine. I think my body somehow realize I was really worried in the order of all my homework I have left until sunday (holly light of day homework) so it decided to start my light of day early. Right very soon it is 3:27 AM. Should I start my homework now beside only 2 hours of sleep, run to the gym in nearly 12 hours, and than finally go to sleep at going on for 9? for about 7 hours?

If I do this will my body be capable of keep me alert and awake the unharmed time or should I maybe reassess my plan? I can drink coffee if it is unnecessary. Also, I am very alert right presently and I think it would be implicit impossible for me to fall stern to sleep. Thanks for your advice.

Answers:    I've gone on minutes of sleep back man. You will probably be fine. The gym though, that might be a bit difficult. You'll probably start to wear down in a few hours or so. Don't drink too much coffee any. That stuff isn't good surrounded by large quantity.
Yes I've experienced this as well near other matters, basically finish your homework and go on regular rota. You'll feel tired a few hours in the past your normal sleeping time, I don't have a sneaking suspicion that sleep for 7 hrs is a good conception because you're already 6hrs short of sleep, try 9hrs for today and tomorrow and you shouldn't have any problem. (you might have a feeling ok w/o enough sleeping for a while but when your body reach its limit it won't be a especially good feeling)

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