2nd scope burn on upper lip...from facial tresses dye? please comfort!?

Yesterday morning I used this hair bleach for your frontage and now I hold two really bad burns on my upper lip! I've be using aloe gel and vitamin E. Will the burns go away!? How long will it pocket! What should I do? Thank you!

Answers:    As Amanda said, it is a Chemical burn. Treat as follows:

1. Stop the burning process: Remove all remaining bleach!
2. Rinse the nouns for 15-20 minutes in cool wet
3. Apply a sterile dressing
(as an EMT, we don't carry burn cream, but this is probably what they would do at the hospital)

Hope I help!
you left it on tooooo long , be off it alone ,dont put anything on it , let it nouns out and dry , it can stay there for as long as a week. but if you hold on to putting stuff on it , it will only bring worse...next time simply leave the bleach on for a short amount of time and if it starts to burn remove right away

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