oomy poor sore ankleoo?

I have have extreme problems with my gone ankle for 4 years.

X-rays have be done ( I have have about 6 trips to the emergency-room and more or less 12 X-rays have be done

They usually give me a splint and distribute me on my merry-way, but I have LOTS of stomach-ache in my ankle

I am a cheerleader and constantly hold sprained ankles

My aunt Deb is a chiropractor and won't take a look at it

What should I do to stop the torment and decrease my likelihood of spraining it over & over again

I do 4 1/2 hours of cheerleading practice every-day

Quitting is not an option my dad pays $2500 per/year for me to do cheerleading it is an "ALL STAR'S" troop

We have a 2year contract

I must be skilled at tumbling,jump,and (considering I am a flyer,)flying

3 hours ago - 1 week left to answer.
Additional Details

3 hours ago
I basically got rotten crutches 14 days ago & had be on them for 11 days

I still have EXTREME TERRIBLE PAIN whenever I hike
2 hours ago
where can i grasp good ace bandage

also i still have my crutches shood i use them 4 a wile longer if so how much longer
2 hours ago
believe me I know I have heart sergery when i was 4 and i know how much it costs
2 hours ago
how do you gain it wrappped up where would I turn

how do i convince my dad something really is wrong hes a body builder and tells me to suck it up

my mom is an awful mom she wont do anything give or take a few it

thats why i live with my dad he is nicer
2 hours ago
I own a heart condition so there are lots over-the-counter medicines i am not sufficiently expert to take

i enjoy ventricular septal defect

and supra ventricular tachycardia pronounced close to (tac-a-car-dee-ya)

Answers:    until you address the reasons you are spraining your ankle you will keep hold of doing it.
1. bc you have sprained your ankle i'm sure it is unconvincing. you should be on a constant routine, seperate of cheerleading, to work on ankle strengthening. working with a physical consultant or athletic trainer can address this. they can also serve as an easier way to ask your doctor question and answer some of the ones you still have.
2. are you wearing correct footwear? untried sneakers with honest cushioning and SUPPORT. do they fit properly- are they tight enough? if your dad is enlarge to the idea you should also see a podiatrist to fit you for orthotics (fancy foot things you put contained by the bottom of your shoe) to correct the alighnment of your foot. all college athletes do this type of thing.
3. investing surrounded by a ankle brace is a great idea. or stir see your athletic trainer to tape your ankle up to that time you do anything active.
4. you can procure a lot of strength products at CVS
5. RICE is key. (Rest, rime, compression, elevation). the more you do this the sooner it will heal.

I hope your father is spread out to enlisting the relief of a good doctor. Sounds approaching you need follow up support, and prescription for physical therapy. If your academy has an athletic trainer they can be an advacate for you- comfort you acheive these necessary steps surrounded by order to be a on form athlete. Good luck. Let me know if you have any other question.
I would get an ankle support and wear it at your cheerleading practice, or conceivably even wrap your ankle. Ankle problems suck, I severely sprained mine and the pain continued for two months or more so I can't conjure up how painful your injury must be. I would steal a pain assassin and just wear an ankle support. Best of luck!

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