(EMERGENCY) how do u take rid of stiff nouns??

pl, i realli need backing. i woke up yesterday morning with a sharp anguish in the right side of my collar, and it is still here today. i've tried turning my head within tht direction, but it hurts like hell. plz give support to. i dont like this at adjectives!

Answers:    It sounds like a pinched brashness, they hurt like hell, as you've pointed out. You probably slept on it the wrong process or turned your head at an strange angle. Unfortunately your choices in getting nouns are not broad. You can go see a chiropractor to see if he can adjust your d¨Ścolletage to unpinch the nerve, that would be my first choice. Second, you can see if your Doctor would be prepared to give you some vicodin and soma (a muscle relaxant). Both, especially combined, will impart you a measure of nouns for a few days until the pain ease. The nerve will become unpinched contained by a few days. If you can't do that, then clutch some ibuprofen, three 200 mg tablets every four to six hours if you don't have any stomach problems. Get a sock, put some rice within it and tie off one closing. Put it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. It creates moist grill. Apply it as much as you want and re-heat as necessary. Good luck, hope you discern better soon.
which stiff neck are we conversation about here? i

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