A give somebody the third degree in the region of enemas? How long do the effects closing?

If I use it first thing contained by the morning, will I be visiting the bathroom throughout the daytime or is it all pretty much over contained by one shot?

Hopefully, I'd be cleaned out by the evening, right?

Answers:    Yeah, it should be a one shot deal. Usually in 5-10 min of recieving the enema, the urge to evacuate is strong, and thats when you should release the fluid and have a bm. Sit in attendance and take your time (lol thats what i other tell my patients) and that should be it for you. Now if you hold a laxative like Dulcolax or Correctol, and after do an enema, then you will be going most of the year. But generally in an hour its all done and over next to...
You should be cleaned out within the hour, typically inside 20 minutes. It is a one shot, or multiple shot deal not permanent more than about 20 minutes, provide or take.

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