4 yr old's belly button hurts- its unfurl and organic looking?

My 4yr old daughter come to me to complain about her belly button hurting. I looked at it and it is interested. Her belly button is an innie it was closed and fine later time I looked. When she showed me today it is open and coarse looking . There is blood discharge on the edges of the belly button. There is no smelly discharge or off color discharge. Just rare looking, meaning it is shiny pink and white. No heat. She just say her belly button hurts. Nothing else.
I have googled to no avail. I can not find anything something like a belly button being unstop. Any advice ?

Answers:    She may own accidentally scratched it. She could have a hernia, but it doesn't nouns like it at this point. Clean it several times a morning and tell her not to touch it. At her age, the naval mortal unclean can also grounds this.
Has she been picking at it or something similar to that? Is there anything she might enjoy done to cause it? That sounds awful because she is a young-looking child i would take her to the doctor asap.

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