15mg of MS-contin is the equivilent surrounded by strength to what dose of oxycontin?

i mean within painkilling and overall strength. what would be the dose of oxycontin contained by order to join the strength of 15mg of MS contin?

Answers:    I take 20mg. XR and it works for me.2x light of day

But I take it along next to 10/500 hydrocodone 4xday for a cervical spine injury.
Hi there, Oxycodone (the lone active chemical contained by Oxycontin) is 2-2.5 as strong as morphine. So 7.5mg of Oxycodone would be as strong as 15mg of morphine. Oxycodone is usaully better at treating chronic and acute pain, but morphine have been the benchmark pain reliever in hospitals for the better element of the century. I hope this helps.

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