A dog bit my muzzle, and the bite is pretty adjectives. What's the fastest bearing to bring in it alleviate?

I soaked it in reheat water, cleaned it beside alcohol, and put polysporin on it.

Is there anything else I can do to take home it heals faster? AND also to prevent scarring?

Yeah... the bite is moderately deep. There are two smaller shallow bites, and one voluminous one right on the button of my nose. The dog be quite small... if the dog be any bigger it would've taken my whole frontage off.

Answers:    Clean it beside warm river everyday, and apply Savlon cream which is antiseptic cream once a day. Don't touch that infected nouns as much as possible and clean ur hand before u apply cream to that nouns. A few days later, it should restore to health.
You'd better check in near a Doc ASAP. Is your dog clean?

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