14..wth bleak collar headache??

hey im a 14 yr. old girl and lately, for about 3 weeks ive be having this backache around the right side of my neck and shoulders. It munificent of feels approaching a sun burn because the skin burns but its winter, and also, the muscles hurt. Its getting worst and really bugging me thorughout hte day. Why would it hurt approaching this for this long? Should i get it checked? I be worried it might be because i go horseback riding but to be exact only for once a week. and my case is also not too heavy.

Answers:    You are giving of young to own a herniated disc or pinched nerve, unless you have an injury to your neck. I don't ride horses, but perchance you could get a whiplash type injury from it. If not, it could be a collar strain possibly related to posture from the way you sit or sleep. The first hint below has some specific nouns muscles, pain pattern associated with them and suggestions for nouns. The second reference have some exercises you might try that may provide some immediate oblige.
You probably have a herniated disc surrounded by your cervical spine. Go to your doctor and tell them to do a MRI. Do it immediately before it get worse.

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