16 year behind the times girl...who CANNOT SLEEP =[?

for the past week i hold only be getting around 4 hours of sleep a night because i in recent times cant get to sleep. Any ways for getting to sleep that you know??
and i also enjoy red eyes...which aren't soare but i sometimes get some stabbing pains within one of them..what could this be?

Answers:    Try listening to Phil Collins earlier you go to bed.

But seriously, within could be many resons for this, see your doctor for proposal.
You may be suffering from insonmia..try to make sure you are relaxed until that time you go to bed. Do some tranquillizing stretches or yoga. If that does not work try some OTC meds that help you attain to sleep. if this continues plz make a pop in to your docter and he/she will perscribe you to a medicine that help you sleep. Hope you get some sleep!

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