106 pound cargo loss, but theres something else.?

For most of my life I own been overweight, and consequently 4 years ago decided to lose some bulk. Did it with counterweight watchers and eating closely less processed foods. But presently that I have lost the majority of the solidity, i have around 15 lbs to go. I own a lot of fleshy left surrounded by a part of my body, where on earth most women do not want fat or any sensitive of bulge. I have just about an 1 1/2 of pouch in my bikini nouns. I have a not easy time wearing tighter clothes because of this area. As any one ever have this after a large amount of immensity loss? Also does anyone know the name of the procedure i.e. done in plastic surgery?

Answers:    my friend have the same issue. After losing profusely of weight she afterwards had to travel get a tummy tuck. She still have a large amount of excess skin on her upper arms and legs but her belly looks terrific.

I merely happened to stumble across your public notice. Congratulations on your weight loss. This may or may not be what you are looking for, but near is an effective program available that purely might help you give somebody a lift off that end 15 lbs without have surgery. The program is called Shapeworks. It call that because it reshapes your shape. I'm on it now and l hold had tremendous results. If you are interested, please touch free to contact me at [email protected] I'd be happy to convey you some information about it. Sincerely, Annette C.

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