53,masculine w/severe cramps,bloody diarrea etc..?

My husband was surrounded by a auto accident Jan 1,07 Nov 23,07, Dec 11,07 and then that night he through up blood and since later has have extreme stomach cramping with bloody diarrea and have a broken colar bone and his shoulder was dislocated and turned foward and it is particularly painful from the auto wreck Jan 1,07. His arm and fingers are tingly and numb adjectives the time and he was have trouble breathing from the Dec 11 accident. He wont run to the docter,we dont have insurance and he say we cant afford it! I think he have something serious going on inside him, am I right?

Answers:    Dear Karen, please please please take him to a doctor instantly. If you love him and care for him you will "make" him see a doctor as he is categorically in a serious condition and delay this can only be detrimental to his powerfully being.
can you "afford" his funeral? That's where on earth he is headed.
MAKE him shift to an emergency room for evaluation.

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