21 and losing a great deal of fleece?

as the title suggests, I'm losing so much hair within the shower! it's getting really bad immediately. My family do not own a past of alcopecia or precipitate hairloss. However I've also not seen the doctor any.

Could the hair if truth be told grow back?!
Any accepted wisdom or would the docs be a good preference.

I also seem to carry areas in the scalp where on earth it aches, and that massage it makes it perceive a lot better...
Also, whenever I hold a shower and wash my spike, it iches like hell!

Answers:    fuzz. i would share my hair loss experience. my fleece loss started when i age 16.i used any product such a shampoo,tonic or herb.but it not work at all.this quill loss product just to slow the spike loss process.the main wreak hair loss its derange hormone,dht.so read at Internet how to stop dht.oh..u need to filch pill(drug).OK.ok..why not u try this product at www.alfaparf.com.
ok see yaa.. sorry for my English.
at this age... being lacking hair is not a bad point already

think of Jason Stratham... smooth on top yet sexy... so no worries... only be confident with who you are and other consider yourself as sexy no matter what...

loss of confidence can well be felt by other race... ยง
Go to a trichologist...hair specialist; within are lots of reasons for hairloss----genetic, inherent, infections, scalp seborhea, (dandruff) dermatitis, fungus, skin allergy, dehydration etc etc

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