18+ Fleshlight?

I am 19 and live in my parents home for college as of immediately. I want to buy a fleshlight, but I don't want it to be delivered when Im not in attendance. I don't want them to know- how do I do that?

Answers:    Depending on where you resolve to buy it from, most places don't use any packaging that will identify where on earth it comes from or whats inside. It can also be arranged that the delivery requires your signature - The Addressee, not purely anybodies. But of course the best item to do is just email or ring the business to clarify any option that they have on near deliveries. if they cannot help out you, have the item posted to a mate place or girl friends( of course tolerate him know its coming) and collect it from there. Works wonders for any other delivery that you don't want people to find out more or less. As a last resort you can other pay the cost of getting a post box, and hey presto, everything is sorted and you never enjoy to worry give or take a few those embarrassing delivery falling into the wrong hands.
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