A ask for shiny on top men especially those who go shaved at a young at heart age)?

Do you ever wondered what your life might own been resembling if you hadn't gone bald?
I plan hair is something that citizens use to express their individuality and identity etc.
I often wonder whether my self-esteem wouldv been duplicate, I deffinatly remember being more upbeat when I have hair, or whether I'd enjoy more success next to women, or whether my intrests would be diffrent (I used to like drinking beer and clubbing, presently I like working out and ingestion healthy) etc...etc...
does anyone else think their lives would be diffrent if their coat hadn't disappeared?

Answers:    I have never sweated going shiny on top. Whatever happens, happen. Genes are out of our control. Life is what we make of it, not how we look. If we tolerate our lived be ruled by how we look, we would have profusely of tense, preoccupied population on this planet. I'm not one of them. Take me or leave me the agency I am. If you don't accept me for who I am, it's your loss.
i know where on earth your`e coming from mate

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