A boy i know say he masturbates everyday!!?

there is a boy at academy who thinks he have to be better than everyone else. if everybody had a 4gb ipod consequently he would have an 8gb, you know what i miserable.

anyway, its gone that far that he now say that he even masturbates more than everyone else and he does that once a day.

DAMN! for starters.. is that even a not detrimental thing to do? surely he is gonna acquire some problems down there. and is nearby any reason he migh WANT to do it that habitually. has he get some sort of demented hormone or is he just a complete utter f**k frontage?

Answers:    Haha, i know a person approaching this (except for the masterbate ting lol)
Yes, tis normal to masterbate this ofter and is immaculately safe. Some populace masterbate more often than once a morning. Haha my bf jacks off ALL the time and he's fine (i tink :S lol) Maybe that guy yur discussion about is of late really REALLY horny haha.
Yu could say yu masterbate four times a daylight; just to tempo him. Unless yu really do masterbate 4 times a day...
Anyway he could be recounting the truth and he is a f**k face anyway haha.
(Ps. There's zilch wrong with a 4gd ipod! mines 4 xD hehe)
x x x mwah x x x
Suspect the other stuff will mete out more problems than him doing that. No medical science that I've ever seen say that does any harm.

Best to try to ruminate of something really stupid then obtain him to say he does that more times than everyone else.later you can all titter at him!
once a day is not abundantly.

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