"Nuts rubbed raw"?

Hello, today I was a moment ago in class and my testes or "nuts" have started to hurt. Now my dad tells me that my "nuts rubbed raw" or something similar to that? Did this ever happen to anybody? What can I do?

Answers:    This is middle-of-the-road. Your dad was right! If you enjoy been masturbating frequently (which is without blemish ok!) you will temporarly "run out" of semen. Because your testicles are making so much sperm now, they may tend to hurt for a while. This usually go away in just about six hours. (It happens to most guys). What you can do to prevent this is simply masturbate a touch less! I'm not motto to stop, just hold it a little more slowly. Plus, if you loaf, your orgasms will feel better!
It could simply be part of the growing up time of year and if you have be masturbating a lot , it is only your body trying to tell you to take the edge off up a little !!
The other issue could be in pain fitting underwear , I assume that being surrounded by school you are still within the growth process and things like your underwear necessitate to be replaced to the right size . Also some good fitting briefs are better to hold things contained by place

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