( Men's Health ) Serious Question ..... ?

I've masturbated for years now, perchance a bit more than 3 years
since i was 14ish.

next to my right hand, could that hold caused my penis to curve to the moved out ?

just curious 'produce someone to my other question said explicitly why it is curved.

Answers:    It is a well certain fact that plunder the the fiberous material that make up your ,,umm ,thing , can bring a bending to the right or left.

Usually this is cause by damage from sports or from ,,err, wake off.

Don't verbs about it ,,even Bill Clinton have a bent one, and Monica didn't mind serving that did she.

If you don't want tit to get worse ..simply put , stop pullin the pud'
It's freshly cos your penis hangs that side surrounded by your pants. Perfectly commonplace mate.

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