A fighting fit dash drink for my kids??

I want a all raw energy drink for my kids to drink. One thats in actual fact good for them.

Answers:    As a parent, why on loam would you want to encourage kids to drink spirit drinks? Kids should get adjectives their dietary needs from a vigorous diet that YOU provide and perhaps a each day vitamin supplement. Does the sight of kids hopped up on caffeine amuse you? Plus, if your kids are underprovided in drive why aren't you taking them to the doctor for a check up? Lethargy in kids isn't a usual thing
Don't endow with your kids energy drinks, that is to say insane. Capri Sun or even Mountain Dew should be pushing it.

But since you asked, Airforce: Nutrisoda is probably the closest thing to what you're looking for. It doesn't own calories, sugar, and crap... but they won't know the diference. Think of it as a placebo.

Nothing with caffeine or taurine. You are looking for something beside quick sugar, and hydration, and electrolyte set off.

I hope they are going to exercise!

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