19 years elderly and trying to gain some rise.?

i am currently standing at 5'11 and wish to be atleast 6 foot after my growth period. aside from drinking lots of milk, getting plenty of rest, and following a streching regimen is in attendance any other advice you could offer me?

in adjunct...
last year when I be in the Philippines for time off, I had stumbled upon drug call "growwee" which claims to make you taller regardless of age. I am have a hard time trying to find a similar drug here surrounded by Canada. My friends tell me that really it is really of late vitamin b and cholerella in fancy casing. if anybody can confirm this I would gladly appreciate it.


Answers:    Your height above sea level is based primarily on inheritance. If your family is towering, you're more likely to be soaring. There's nothing else that can be done but to hope.
What?..u cannot sort yourself taller!!...what are they teaching surrounded by schools at the moment..have see this question a few times

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