5 sets of 10 ( bench-pressing ) ... 100lbs - Will it receive me stronger ?

I do it every other day, sometimes I put two 35lbs plates on, the inn weighs 50 ... so that's a total of 120lbs.

The point is, I'm 25 and weigh 210lbs ... I should be stronger, but I've just started focusing on body building. ( I'm not ashamed that I pull such light bulk, because I'm strong in other areas ... similar to Martial Arts )

I don't have a spotter, and I don't train next to anyone in the fitness center, most inhabitants stay to themselves.

Will I get bigger, and be capable of throw the 100lbs up easier within time ? ( I bring back tired during the last 2 or 3 ... but usually oversee to get them up )

Answers:    I agree next to the first answer, try mixing it up with weights and reps to hold your muscles guessing and to not get into a rythm/rut. I would also say aloud that to push yourself more you need someone to spot you, conceivably get a sponsorship at a gym nearby or try lifting next to one of your buddies.
You should increase your weight on respectively set up reps. Do what's called a pyramid. Instead of lately lifted 100 lbs ten times for five reps. Try doing 100 lbs for 10 reps, 110 for 8 reps, 115 for 5 reps, afterwards go final to 110 for another 5 reps and back down to 100 for as plentiful as you can do without putting yourself within danger.

As you're competent to lift the 115 for more reps, after you can bump up your base immensity amount as you get stronger.
as long as you can do 10 near struggle they are just right if you cant do 10 at adjectives go lower.also if you can do 10 efficiently go better. you will start becoming stronger if you stick with it.

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