( Mens Health ) Is it everyday for my penis to be curved .. ?

I'm 17
about 6 /12 inches

and it's similar to curved a slight bit, and it's also slanted a bit to the left.

Is that everyday ?

I'm kind of upset of what my gf will think.

i show it's not EXTREMEly all the channel left,

but still, i thought it be suppose to be straight.

Answers:    No penis is perfectly straight. That's because when it's growing, it's close at hand impossible for both sides (or the top and bottom) to grow at exactly the same rate. As a result, it ends up have a curve when it's erect. Of course, some or more curved than others — but then again, some relatives are short while others are tall. This rise and fall is what makes human beings interesting, and it's zilch to stress over. When you have sex you'll find that a woman's vagina is fundamentally flexible and will conform to the shape of your penis. the only exception might be if it's really curved — read aloud, it makes an angle of greater than 45 degree when erect. In this case you should probably consult a doctor give or take a few possible things that could be done to fix it.
all of those are majority...

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