A couple of question...?

1. I just shaved my pubes for the first time give or take a few a week ago and I got horrible blade burn. How long until it completely goes away.
2. Do you guys do anything special to your ornaments before you recieve oral?
3. Is nearby any way to be paid your semen taste apt? I heard pinnapple but I muse it just might be a rumor.


Answers:    1. With in 1 week
2. Well, I Dont.
3. Drink Lots Of Water. And Try To Drink Milk.
1. something like a week or so
2. nope, but you can use flavored lubes if your partner's up to it.
3. It's not just a rumor, the aroma depends on what you've been eating/drinking. something sweet approaching fruit juice really will fashion it taste better. But mostly, someone any likes the predilection of semen or they don't, it's hard to "convert" those.
1. A few days. You need to use a dutiful razor and plenty of foam and do it regularly. The long term results are economically worth the effort.

2. I close to to give my partner a verbs set to work with. I preserve my 'jewels' shaved, and I try not to pee immediately in the past having my c*ck sucked.

3. Some foods can affect the fondness of your semen. As you will not be eating your semen you should ask your partner what their nouns is and try experimenting. I cannot think of a better excuse than experimenting beside food and how it affects the taste of your semen. Talk to your partner.

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