[URGENT] I just this minute started to go and get small sickly worm-like jelly surrounded by my semen. Is This middle-of-the-road?

Sensible answers only please. No smart a** comments.
ive never have sex before.
and also im lone 15
and im scared to move about to the doctors.
theres no pain or anything after ejaculate or when i have an erection. my testicles come across to be fine. its just that when i ejaculate here are small yellow worm-like jelly stuff within my semen.
they measure around 1 cm and they are withered. theres only around 1 contained by every ejaculation
please help.
i dont know how to walk to the doctors without my parents knowing.

Answers:    Check your other exact questions earlier re-posting.

Don't spam the community with multiple question on the same topic when you hold answers on another question.

Once again, GET TESTED.
try to return with a friend with a saloon to take you to Planned Parenthood

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